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The Brand

Superior Coco™ is an unrivaled quality charcoal product that comes from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Youthful at heart, Superior Coco™ is a well -established brand that caters to customers seeking superior-quality products they need, and certainly deserve.


While in works, deciding on a name that reflects both the quality of the product as well as the experience of dealing with our team, we found no better name than “Superior Coco™”. Here at Superior Coco™ we pride ourselves for the exceptional level of customer service provided, to the Unrivaled quality of the all natural coconut charcoal we produce. We believe that we are setting the new standard for all of your Charcoal needs.

The Product

Superior Coco™ is made from 100% coconut shells. Production ingredients include no inferior natural or raw materials such as soft lumber, shrubs, or saw dust. Superior Coco™ products are also free of any unnatural ingredients such as brown coal, mineral carbon, borax, sodium nitrate, limestone or any other additive. That’s why we are proud to call Superior Coco™ a green product.

Superior Coco™ unrivaled charcoal briquettes are cut with precision, producing highly quality cubes that burn quicker and last longer.

The Company

Superior Coco™ comes from the industry’s pioneers; its veterans. As a team of industry leaders, they were one of the first, early adopters of coconut charcoal line. This great privilege allowed them to accumulate tremendous experience and gave them access to the best materials and ingredients, providing them with the expertise and confidence that enabled them to manufacture such an amazing product.

Our team is lead by a group of visionaries who are full of ambition and are result-oriented. We aim at being amongst the biggest charcoal manufacturers and to be able to provide the best hookah charcoal in the market.

Contact Info

Distributed by Yasin Enterprises
Riverside, California

Phone: 909-913-3024

Web: www.SuperiorCoco.com