100% Chemical-free!


Absolutely ZERO trees harmed


means odorless and clean taste



much more!

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Superior CocoTM Create your shisha smoking experience

Lights Quickly

So you can start enjoying your shisha in no time!

Make sure you're fast enough

lights while you prepare the bowl

Lasts Longer

Forget about replacing every 5 minutes


Superior CocoTM lasts up to 3 hours of continuous smoking

Produces Little Ash

For a cleaner, less messy experience


Excellent heat control using new ash technology, acting as insulation

Why Superior Coco?

While the “customer is always right” statement might seem cliché, it is actually what we believe in here at Superior Coco™, and it is what we base our work on. In fact, our charcoal is made with the people in mind. Our aim is to be able to serve people and make their life easier and provide them what they actually need and want. We have a large client base covering the 5 continents of the globe, and have always strived to serve them with the best of standards to gain their loyalty and trust.

Some people have the perception that manufactured charcoal is the opposite of natural. This is a big misconception that we believe will recede as people gain more awareness about this product. The only meaning of “manufactured” here is the aspect of putting things together to form a product. All ingredients that are included during the process come from natural resources. As a matter of fact, manufacturing charcoal from coconut shells does a fundamental job in protecting nature; and that is where the infamous “eco-friendly” term comes in.

Superior Coco™ Unrivaled Coconut Charcoal is the only brand that comes directly from the factory. In fact, Superior Coco™ is one of the only brands that own a factory. While other coconut charcoal is brought on a deal or bargain basis, Superior Coco™ is manufactured by the same people who sell it, which enables us be positive that the best raw material is being used in the manufacturing process, and enables you to be positive you are getting the best possible product, from the people who know it best.

Market Coverage

Middle East 100%
Europe 100%
North America 100%
Africa 100%
Asia 100%

Contact Info

Distributed by Yasin Enterprises
Riverside, California

Phone: 909-913-3024